Saturday, February 11, 2012

A new pirate radio station is born.. somewhere in Colorado

Got the Broadcast Warehouse 150w transmitter setup

And hooked up to the Dipole antenna (yea I know.. it's inside... gotta test it first) and man, this thing rocks.  Full 150w and ZERO reflection (i.e. a nice cool feedback loop to the transmitter and a clean signal).

Why the hell didn't I get one of these antenna's sooner?

What I love about this antenna is it's broadband.  NO tuning.  Just hit the buttons on your transmitter to move around the dial and it just works.  This makes setting up a pirate station, literally, a 5 minute job (most of the time is spent getting the antenna tuned just right).  Of course, getting that thing onto a mast or bolted high up a tree is still gonna be work, but we'll paint it brown and green first.  :)

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